For dog lovers and their canine companions, the charm of Provincetown, Massachusetts, extends far beyond its sandy beaches and renowned seafood restaurants. The town is brimming with pet-friendly locales that ensure fun and frolic for you and your furry friend. It has been voted as the most pet-friendly town year after year! In fact, P-Town should be an abbreviation for “Pup Town”!

Getting here


If you take the ferry from Boston, bring your four-legged friend right along. Any size, and there are no breed restrictions. They only ask that your dog be leashed. They are also free of charge!

Everything you need to know about the Boston Ferry.


Cape Air’s flights from Boston to Provincetown are also pet friendly, which includes rabbits, birds, and reptiles with the exception of chickens, a strict no-chicken policy! Please click this link to read Cape Air’s Pet policies.


Your family might impose their own restrictions if so, suggest the family member travel in the back seat and the pup in the front. This way, everyone is happy!

Now you have arrived safely with your pet and are settled in our Provincetown pet-friendly hotel, here are some suggestions for getting around. Provincetown does not fall short on pet transportation modes. I am sure by now that does not surprise you.

Pet Friendly Provincetown, dog in a bike basket enjoying the ride.

Pet Transportation Modes

Provincetown local shuttle. This runs in a loop all over Provincetown, the beaches, and even the Dog Park! Pets need to be in a secure carrier unless they are service dogs. Service dogs need to be leashed, and no carrier is needed. They do not require to see certification, nor is your pup expected to wear a harness, scarf, or any identifying service dog vests. Just mention your pup is a service pup and on your board!

Bike, yes bike! If you did not bring one, you can rent a bike with attached dog trailers. Most of the many bike shops are well-equipped for biking with a pet. Call ahead to any of them to ensure availability!

Pedicab. All pedicabs allow your pet. No restrictions, only that your dog be able to safely sit and ride in the cab.

Pet Friendly Provincetown, dog with two kids running on the beach.

Now where are you taking your dog in town?

The Beach!

While most towns have very strict laws regarding pups on the beach, Provincetown cove dog beach is the only public beach on Cape Cod where dogs are allowed off-leash! There is a large parking lot attached to this beach as well.

The rest of the beaches are pet friendly with restrictions. Please see the National Seashore Pet Page for their restrictions. During summer, when the beaches are more crowded, the off-leash times are between 6 and 9 in the morning and the evening. But do read the policy page, as it does change from time to time!

Also, check out our suggestions for Cape Cod hiking trails.

The Pilgrim Bark Park

This is a wonderful acre fenced-in double-entry dog park. There are 2 sections, one for small dogs and the other for everyone else! There are shade areas, things to climb on, water fountains, and lovely sculptures all about the park. Route 6- right next to Cumberland Farms and across from the new Police Station.

Commercial Street

Once you step onto Commercial Street, I ask you to tell me about a more dog-friendly block in the world! A dog to the right, a dog to the left. The street is set up in that most humans will not see the number of welcoming sites for your dogs on their walk. There are dog dishes just about every few feet outside the shops with fresh water. Most shops have dog treats at the ready as well! Do not forget to ask the ice cream shop you land in if they have doggie ice cream, most do!

Dog on a boat dolphin watching in Provincetown MA


Yes, sailing.

Dog Gone Sailing Charters offers dog-friendly sailing trips. They mean dog-friendly sailboat, just wait and sea, I mean see! 508-566-0410

Hindu Sailing Charters– You can book a 1.5- hour sail around Cape Cod Bay. This is both children and dog friendly. Just let them know if your pup is over 50 lbs. 508-542-2996

Bay Lady Sailing Tours- Daytime and Sunset cruises around our beautiful Harbor and the bay! 508-487-9308

Whale Watch

Did I mention Provincetown is one of the most dog-friendly towns? Yes, you read Whale Watch! They only ask that your dog is friendly and can make the 3-4 hour boat trip. Learn more about Whale Watching in Provincetown.

  • Dolphin Fleet Whale Watching: 508-240-3636
  • Private Whale Watch or fishing charter- SeaSalt Charters 508-444-2732. Tell Captain Chad Gabriel’s sent you!


Where to begin? Almost every Provincetown restaurant if they have outdoor seating, is dog friendly. This is not by any means a complete list, but it is a good start!

  • Tin Pan Alley
  • Aqua Bar
  • Provincetown Brewing Co.
  • Central House at The Crown and Anchor
  • Waydowntown Restaurant
  • Governor Bradford Restaurant – this is the restaurant part, not Karaoke. I know your mind went to Dog Karaoke- now that would clinch a town forever to be in the top 10 dog-friendly places!
  • Ross’ Grill
  • Pilgrim House
  • Far Land Provisions
  • Post Office Cage
  • The Patio
  • Bubala’s
  • Pepe’s Warf
  • Lewis Brothers Home Made Ice Cream
  • Salty Market
  • Big Daddy’s Burritos
  • The Canteen

And of course, your in-season made-to-order breakfast at Gabriel’s

The Movies

Well, why not! If you want to experience one of the original drive-in movie theaters and the only one on Cape Cod, you cannot miss the Wellfleet Drive-In. 508-349-7176

A Vineyard, sure, why not!

Truro Vineyards

What a lovely day out sitting on the lawn at the Vineyard with your pup! You can taste wine or decide to eat lunch there from their outdoor kitchens. 508-487-6200.

More on Cape Cod Wineries.

Ghost Tour 

It’s the end of the day what else would you think to do but a Ghost Tour?

Provincetown Ghost Tours  – Pilgrims, Pirates, and People of the Past fill the sights and sounds of this historical walking tour. 90-minute walking tours depart at 9 pm (fall/spring tours departure time may change ) from The Coffee Pot, 315 commercial street, Lopes Square. The tour is pet friendly ( please add a pet to the reservation at no charge)

As you can see, exploring with your dog in Provincetown is not just a possibility; it’s an invitation. With its parks, beaches, trails, restaurants, Whale and sailboats, movie theater, and even a ghost tour, Provincetown is a perfect destination for dog lovers. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a new pet-friendly adventure is waiting around the corner.