On a clear day, you can see the Boston skyline from the top level of the Provincetown Pilgrim Monument, 40 miles across Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay. Instead of driving 120 miles from Boston to Provincetown and contending with backed-up summertime traffic, jump on the Boston Ferry and relax while taking in gorgeous views of the Massachusetts coastline.

In addition to arriving in Provincetown Harbor just as the Pilgrims did over 400 years ago, you may see whales along the way, especially during the spring and summer. This Boston Ferry company is an expert at what they do, providing a smooth and enjoyable trip across the bay to Provincetown. When you step off the boat at MacMillan Pier, it couldn’t be any easier or more convenient, as you’ll be just a 5-minute walk from your room at our Provincetown lodging.

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Macmillan Pier: Boston Ferry ticket building in Provincetown, MA

– Boston Ferry: Boston Harbor City Cruises –

Boston Harbor City Cruises run trips from Boston to Provincetown multiple times daily. Check the website for the current schedule. One suitcase and one piece of carry-on baggage are allowed, while bikes are an additional fee. Depending on when you plan to visit P-Town, their roundtrip rates vary, with weekends slightly more expensive. However, children under three years old are free. A cash bar and snacks are available in the indoor galley section of the boat, with a full-service concierge on board as well.

Their fleet of “fast ferries” departs from Long Wharf, and return trips from Provincetown to Boston depart multiple times a day (allowing for a full day of fun in P-Town on your last day before returning to the big city).

The Boston Harbor City Ferry has very kindly extended a 20%-off discount for our guests. Use the code Gab10 when making your BHCC Ptown Fast Ferry reservation for a discounted rate.

– Whale-Watching and Lighthouse-Spotting Along the Way –

During your 1.5-hour cruise across the bay, keep your eyes peeled and binoculars nearby, as you may spot whales during your crossing. As you leave Massachusetts Bay and head towards Provincetown Harbor, you’ll pass by the Stellwagen Bank, an 840-square-mile sandbar and marine sanctuary that attracts several species of whales, making the waters off Cape Cod one of the best Provincetown whale-watching destinations in the world.

Massive 80-foot-plus finback whales are a common sight along with humpbacks, which breach above water spectacularly and are most active here between March and November. You may even see a right whale, of which there are only 340 remaining, and researchers have spotted 80% of the endangered population in Provincetown Bay between January and May of 2023. If you want to explore these magnificent creatures even more, see our recent post about whale-watching in Provincetown.

As you get closer to the outer Cape during your ferry ride, you’ll spot Race Point Lighthouse at the end of the peninsula, guiding ships into the harbor for over 200 years. And as you turn into Provincetown Harbor, you’ll see Long Point Light at the tip of Cape Cod, where the 60-mile-long peninsula ends, with water on all sides. Read our blog about these and other historic Cape Cod lighthouses and plan lighthouse-visiting day trips during your stay.

– Arriving by an Early Ferry –

Boston Ferry guide: stay at Susan, a room in Gabriel's, A Provincetown Hotel

Check-in time at the hotel is anytime after 3 pm, but many guests arrive earlier. It is only sometimes possible to offer you an early check-in, as we have to have time to get your room ready. However, you can come by the hotel and drop off your luggage before exploring the town. We are within walking distance of many Provincetown restaurants, shops, and activities. Then, when ready, come back to the hotel after check-in time, and we will take you to your room.

Arrive by sea aboard the Boston Ferry, adding adventure to your stay with us in Provincetown!