With the lure of so many outdoor attractions all wrapped into 3 square miles, Provincetown has a number of unique destinations for sightseeing both in and outside of town. Going for a walk in Provincetown might become a real adventure with sporty activities, astonishing nature and art, and even a music break with an ice-cream in hand. Here are some of our favorite routes and destinations all within walking distance of the Provincetown Hotel at Gabriel’s.

Breakwater Walk Adventure

A unique way to explore the beauty of the Provincetown Harbor  is a rocky solitary path going into the harbor from Provincetown’s West End to the Long Point beach and the Wood End Lighthouse. Wide enough for three people, the breakwater is not the friendliest place for crowds.  Checking for the low tide on the way in and out, wearing comfortable shoes (no sandals or flip flops!) and watching your step will be strongly advised. The view from the other side is absolutely worth a walk though. If you don’t feel like walking all the way back, take a $10 Long Point Shuttle. It will pick you up from the beach and take you straight to MacMillan Pier.  After an exhilarating adventure, unwind on Long Point Beach- some of the most peaceful shoreline in all of Cape Cod.


Town Beach by St. Mary’s Church and MacMillan Pier

If you want to explore the shoreline without leaving town, the beach by St. Mary’s Church is a place to be.Cozy and relatively isolated, the beach is a great place for sunbathing during the day and a relaxing walk with your pup in the evening. Peek into the church itself if you get a chance. With its numerous wide windows, St. Mary’s Church is filled with the light reflected from the surface of the harbor.

MacMillan Pier is a great place to get a better idea of Provincetown’s marine culture – classic schooner style boats, artists at work, and fishermen coming in with the days’ catch. There you can venture for a sail on a beautiful boat into Provincetown Harbor. 


Provincetown Public Library

To get a true feel for the spirit of the town, spend an afternoon on Commercial Street. Walk towards the east side of downtown and stop by the beautiful historic building of the Provincetown Public Library. The Library is heavily used and the wonderful space and light from the large windows is appreciated by patrons and visitors of all ages.  The Library now houses nearly 40,000 items as well as more than 30 works of art, including the 1907 silver Lipton Cup, from the Town’s Art Collection. Seating on the mezzanine offers magnificent views of Provincetown Harbor. The railings of the dual historic entrance staircases have been repaired and are now embraced by local artist John Dowd’s magnificent mural of the building and harbor skyline in moonlight. The library is also home to Rose Dorothea 66′ foot schooner replica. One doesn’t see a full-sized boat inside a library often.

Provincetown Historic Cemetery

Haunting beauty and rich history. Most of the cemetery dates back to the eighteenth century and the town’s oldest families, and namesakes of many of Beach Forestthe town’s streets – Nickerson, Snow, Cook, Dyer, Conant, Ryder. The winding paths make you wander around in search of a marker stones for the pilgrims, the graves of famous artists and writers (Stanley Kunitz, Norman Mailer, Max Bohm,and Mary Heaton Vorse to name a few).

Beach Forest Getaway

Provincetowns Beech Forest in the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) is a national mecca for birders as it is a major resting stop for the semi annual shore and seabird migrations along the East Coast flyway. Pick u a bag of seeds at the desk at the Provincetown Hotel and explore the flora and fauna of our diverse natural preserve. The air is warm and pleasant in the woods, and the trails are quiet in the summer.  Take a walk all the way to the Herring Cove Beach for a wonderful sunset view.

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