Few visitors know, but Provincetown is the first continuous art colony in the U.S.  Rich in fine art and photography, Provincetown offers a unique opportunity to mingle with local and visiting artists at weekly Friday gallery openings. Sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the creative heritage of the Land’s End on a Friday gallery stroll along a special Gabriel’s Arts Route.

Start from Memories of Provincetown on the west side of town and make your way through to Berta Walker  deep in the famous East End Art District.

Memories of Provincetown
169 Commercial Street,  (508) 487-9911,

Thomas Barbey

Famous and emerging photographers  and media artists from all around the world are featured in the Memories of Provincetown photography gallery. Stop by to indulge into the B&W photography by the creative mastermind Roy Barloga and the surreal images by Thomas Barbey. The gallery also features a diverse selection of interactive artwork exhibits that are sure to captivate your imagination. One of the gallery owners and ‘keepers’ Herb is a true heart and soul of Memories. He gladly shares the stories of the artwork and the featured artists and turns your visit into an exciting photography adventure.

If you want to take a piece of Provincetown with you, the gallery is a great place for Cape Cod themed images. A local favourite Steven Katz features his framed and signed prints, photographs and originals of Provincetown here.



Cortile Gallery

230 Commercial Street, (508) 487-4200, cortilegallery.com

"Basket of Lilacs" Courtesy of Cortile Gallery

“Basket of Lilacs” Courtesy of Cortile Gallery


Voted  “Best Gallery” on the Cape & Islands by Cape Cod Life magazine, Cortile Gallery offers a diverse collection of contemporary artwork by local,  regional and international artists.  You will be amazed by the diversity of the exhibits. Oils, acrylics, encaustics, glass, metalwork, sculpture, bronze, photography, monoprints, woodcuts, found art, and jewelry are featured by the gallery. Cortile Gallery hosts very lively and festive openings, including the two of Provincetown’s not-to-be-missed events –  the annual Grand Season Opening exhibit (July) and Tour of America Artists Invitational (Labor Day Weekend).



Julie Heller Gallery

2 Gonsold Street, (508) 487-2169

Courtesy of Julie Heller Gallery

Courtesy of Julie Heller Gallery


Everyone has surely seen the famous “ART” sign at the beach in the Provincetown center. This is where one of the most historic local galleries – Julie Heller Gallery – serves as a monument to our artistic heritage. Housing the most extensive collection of art available for purchase in town, much of the gallery is hung salon style with the walls filled end to end with striking treasures. A lot of art is generational, and the list of artists reads like a “Who’s Who of Provincetown’s art history.”

The owner of the gallery Julie Heller is an art historian. The artworks reflects her expertise and the appreciation of the artistic heritage of the community in which she has deep family roots.



Room 68

377 Commercial Street, (774) 538-6470, www.room68online.com

Courtesy of Room 68

Courtesy of Room 68

Room 86 becomes a breath of fresh air to many Provincetown visitors. While the town hosts a great amount of historic art, Room 86 focuses on emerging talent in contemporary design and fine art. Interior and exterior decor, furniture, lighting and accessories from all around the world are among the featured items.  The online and retail store are thoughtfully organized, and you are sure to find something special for your home, work space and self. Brent Refsland, one of the owners and a talented curator, is usually at Room 68 to guide you through the unique collection and share the fascinating stories behind each creative item at the store.


 Packard Gallery

418 Commercial Street, (508) 487-4690, packardgallery.com

Courtesy of Ann Packard Print Gallery

Courtesy of Ann Packard Print Gallery


Started in 1986, Packard Gallery is located in the historic East End of Provincetown in the building of a former Christian Science Church. The gallery represents works by Anne Packard, Cynthia Packard and Leslie Packard – the two generations of Provincetown- favorite artists. More than just an exhibition space, Packard Gallery is a family tradition, a creative hub and an inspiration for many established and emerging artists.


Berta Walker Gallery

208 Bradford Street, (508) 487-6411,  bertawalkergallery.com

Courtesy of Berta Walker Gallery

Courtesy of Berta Walker Gallery


The last spot on our Friday gallery hopping list is Berta Walker Gallery deep in the famous East End Art District. The gallery showcases Provincetown’s rich artistic heritage in its various forms and styles. The featured artists have a strong Provincetown connection dating back to the early 1900’s and continuing to these days. The gallery hosts numerous themed events and exhibitions throughout the season and is definitely a crown jewel to Gabriel’s Friday Gallery Hopping list.