New England Beaches: A Cape Like No Other

Provincetown Harbor and Long Point

It’s impossible to speak of summers in New England without mentioning the beaches that define the long and craggy coastline that stretches from Rhode Island and Connecticut up through Massachusetts and Maine. Harbors and seaside villages that date back hundreds of years give the area its distinctive character. In the middle of that coastline, Provincetown is unique in its geography, as it sits far out in the Atlantic, at the furthest tip of the fingerlike Cape Cod peninsula. Miles and miles of dunes and beaches define the landscape, leading eventually to Race Point Beach, which sits at the very end of the Cape. Recently rated the best beach in New England by none other than AAA, it is famous for its panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean and its wide-open sandy expanses. You’ll savor the sunsets and maybe even see a whale or two off in the distance.

Summer of 2021: All the More Reason to Visit

Main Street Downtown

After the challenging year of 2020, with the shutdowns and restrictions that colored life during a pandemic, the summer 0f 2021 has opened up quickly in Massachusets. We have moved from no masks to wearing masks and through a number of Delta scares in news.

In the spring, Governor Baker announced that all businesses in Massachusetts, including Provincetown, would be 100% open again on May 29th. Cherished yearly events, such as Family Week, which had to be put on hold during the pandemic, are now filling up the 2021 calendar, with events happening weekly throughout the summer.

These cultural celebrations happen in or around the downtown area, and Gabriel’s Provincetown Hotel is ideally located right in the middle of the action. 

Provincetown Is Closer Than You Think

High Speed Salem Ferry

With its stunning beaches and its vibrant culture, P-Town is a destination in itself, worthy of a stay of several days (or weeks!). However, it’s also surprisingly accessible from Boston and easy to incorporate a couple of days on the Cape into your trip. If your travel plans include Boston, you can board a high-speed ferry and arrive in the port of Provincetown only 90 minutes later. And given how quaint and walkable the town is, you won’t even need or miss having a car.

Book your stay today, and add some memorable days in P-Town to your travel itinerary!