Summertime at the Provincetown Hotel - gardens and walkwaySummertime: Beaches, Walks, Gardens & Ice Cream

Like other coastal destinations, summertime is the high season across the Cape. With temps in the high 70s throughout July and August, and warm Atlantic tides making for pleasant swimming, the beaches are a magnet for travelers and locals alike. It’s also the time of year when the calendar fills up with activities, and restaurants that close for the winter are in high gear, giving the summertime visitor endless options to enjoy the cuisine and social life that make Provincetown so well-loved. However, plan your trip accordingly, as midsummer Cape traffic on Highway 6–the main artery connecting mainland Massachusetts to Provincetown–can add hours to your itinerary. But once you make it to Provincetown, where the Cape ends in the broad expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll be swept away by the white-sand dunes, sunsets, and summer reverie.

Pilgrim Monument in ProvincetownSpring and Fall: A Quieter Time, but Still Plenty To Do

Seasoned travelers know the benefits of planning a trip during shoulder season, which abuts the busier and more popular months on the travel calendar. In Provincetown during the spring and fall, the ocean is still warm enough to enjoy a long day at the Cape Cod National Seashore, but without the summertime throngs of beachgoers. One of the main draws for P-Town visitors, whale-watching, starts in April and runs through October, a perfect activity to add to your off-peak season visit. Runners can plan their stay on the Cape to include the Cape Cod Marathon in Falmouth, always held the last weekend of October, ideal weather for running (or spectating) along the gorgeous coastline route. Or plan a self-guided tour of the Cape with this local Chamber of Commerce map, enjoying the uncrowded beaches and historical sights along with the famous New England fall foliage.

Winter at the Provincetown Hotel in MAWintertime: Among the Locals and Without the Crowds

There is a unique beauty to the wintertime in a tourist destination like Provincetown; the hustle of the summer months is a distant memory, replaced by quiet days and wintry solitude.

Restaurant reservations that are tough to snag in August are plentiful in December, and you’ll be in the mix with the diehard P-Town locals who keep the town running through the slow months.

While the streets are emptier and the events less plentiful, there are still special occasions like First Light Provincetown, which commemorates the anniversary of the Pilgrim Landing in the town in 1620. The Provincetown Monument, which is steps away from Provincetown Hotel, is lit up in a ceremony ushering in winter’s arrival while celebrating the values of tolerance and equality, which are intrinsic to P-Town culture.

Book your stay today, and whatever the month or season, the Cape will delight you!