Cozy room with a fireplace at Provincetown, MA bed and breakfast

What is Provincetown famous for?

A bridge connects mainland Massachusetts to Cape Cod, and from there, Route 6 traces the shape of the Cape, a unique and picturesque finger of land which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. If one keeps driving, both the road and land meet their end, where Provincetown sits majestically, surrounded by water on three sides. Here, at the very spot where the Mayflower landed 400 years ago, natural beauty, art, and cuisine draw travelers to this tiny town of many charms.

National Seashore Park: The Cape’s Crown Jewel

Cape Cod National Seashore Park, preserved by Massachusetts’ beloved son John F. Kennedy, surrounds the town and is a gateway to some of the most stunning beach landscapes in all of America. Easily accessible from anywhere in town, the park occupies nearly 75% of the land in Provincetown. It is perfect for long days at the beach, bird-watching, whaling, and exploring on foot/bike the many pathways that extend through the wilderness area.

Cozy room with a fireplace at Provincetown, MA bed and breakfast

A Haven for Artists and Art Lovers Alike

Provincetown is famously America’s oldest continuous art colony and has always held an allure for artists of all types. Art lovers will be in heaven as well. Galleries line the quaint downtown streets, and every Friday night, they all open their doors in a celebration of the artistic spirit and the historical roots of art that run so deep in “P-Town.” PAAM, the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, is an institution in itself and a great resource to learn about showings, special events, and exciting trends in the local art scene.

Cozy room with a fireplace at Provincetown, MA bed and breakfast

Culinary Roots: Seafood and So Much More

In the historic district, which sits directly next to the marina, restaurants of every cuisine and price point line the streets. Seafood, of course, is a huge draw, and eateries have daily specials with local fish on the menu and use locally sourced ingredients. Many of Provincetown restaurants are chef-owned, maintaining a fiercely independent streak that dates back generations.

Whether you are yearning for a glass of wine with diner overlooking the bay, or the iconic and budget-friendly hot dog, or lobster roll, the perfect bite is just around the corner.

The ocean breeze sweeps in and carries tantalizing aromas of the many restaurants dotting the seashore, wafting under your nose just as you walk from one world-class art gallery to the next. And you smile, taking it all in, wondering how such a magical place exists. 

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