Pet-friendly Provincetown: Pups Since the Beginning

The history of the pet-friendly Provincetown stretches back to the early 1600s, when the Pilgrims brought two canine companions (a mastiff and a British spaniel) ashore, establishing new roots on the Cape with their canine friends in tow. And just as those first British pups landed in P-Town by stepping off the Mayflower, you can bring your dog(s) over the water on the Boston to Provincetown ferry free of charge.

In the ensuing four centuries, dogs have become as much a part of the Cape Cod landscape as the pristine beaches, National Seashore, and iconic lighthouses that give it so much character. Nowhere on the Cape is this more true than in Provincetown, with its designated dog park, welcoming rules for pets on city beaches, and restaurants and businesses that gladly invite your furry friends to join in the festivities.

At our pet-friendly hotel in Provincetown, we would love for you to bring your dog along for your Cape Cod getaway. Our pet policy is straightforward, with a limit of 2 dogs per guest and a $35 extra fee per pet per night. Pet owners are responsible for any damage to the room, and we ask that all dogs be well-behaved and not bark while left alone on the premises. With those basics covered, we can’t wait to meet your pups during your stay. Here are some tips for making the best of your time in P-Town with your dog.

Pet-friendly Provincetown: A man petting his 4 dogs

Playing in the Sun and Sand With Your Dog – Visiting the Beaches Nearby

None other than Dog Fancy magazine recognized Provincetown as the nation’s most dog-friendly city, and we even got a shout-out in the esteemed pages of the New Yorker. In giving out that award, Dog Fancy editors mentioned how accessible and easy it is to enjoy your time in P-Town with a dog, starting with the “town” beaches just a couple blocks from our convenient location. Walk a block down either Ryder St or Gosnold St to the stretch of sandy beaches that start just to the right of the marina. Along these beaches that extend to the breakwater, dogs under voice and sight control are allowed off-leash from 6 am-9 pm during the winter off-season and twice daily (6 am-9 am and 6 pm-9 pm) during the summer busy season, which runs from Memorial Day through November 1st.

Exploring the nearby Cape Cod National Seashore with your dog is a must during your stay, with rules that vary by season and location.

Pet-friendly Provincetown: A woman with her 2 dogs, looking for shellfish

A Unique Dog Park, a Seafood Standby, and a One-Stop Pet Shop

No visit to Provincetown with your dog is complete without visiting the beloved and charming Pilgrim Bark Park, which is just a half-mile away from Gabriel’s. Constructed in 2008 and run by a non-profit, its thoughtful design and artistic flourishes have won over dogs and dog owners for over a decade. With one area for small dogs under 25 pounds and another zone for all dogs, along with fountains at both human and dog height, your dog will feel right at home. While your pup plays and socializes, take a seat on one of the benches created by local artists, some dog-themed and others that pay homage to the area’s Native American and maritime history.

After a fun-filled hang out at the dog park, grab some world-class oysters, caught-that-day sushi, clam chowder, or a fried cod fish sandwich at Mac’s Fish House, just a block away from the Bark Park on Shank Painter Road.

Before heading back to your Provincetown lodging to relax with your four-legged friend, stop by Paws and Whiskers on Commercial St for a special treat. From one-of-a-kind toys and paw covers for walking on hot sand to an extensive dog bakery section, your dog will be delighted.

Book your pet-friendly Provincetown hotel stay with us and plan your trip to the Cape with your precious pup!