Challenging Reality with PhotoMontage

Just as a photograph can record fragments of reality, reality can also be created out of fragments. The photomontage blurs the line between photography and painting and can invite the viewer to enter into a world of magic or mystery, of whimsy or the unconscious.

In this hands-on Masterclass taught by Fran Forman, limited to 8 participants, you will have a weekend in Provincetown using Adobe Photoshop to create composited images from your own found, taken, and scanned images.

Fran will give guidance and periodic demonstrations, and together, the class will address what makes each student’s image work as a piece of art.

The class atmosphere is energetic, supportive, and collaborative. Participants receive continual assistance and feedback on their works-in-progress. Frustration and laughter is to be expected and relished! Students will be encouraged to experiment, discover, play, have fun, and enjoy the open exchange of concepts, ideas, and techniques. Think of this workshop as a big playground, where you might get a few skinned knees but you’ll do so laughing and learning.

Photo Montage by Fran Foreman

Our explorations will range from altering and enhancing existing images to combining two or more exposures of the same scene to control contrast or incorporating visual materials into existing images to create dream-like montages. In all cases, students will explore Photoshop’s capabilities for image layering and montage, and each student will work on developing his or her own style and individual works of art.

Further, students will experiment with Photoshop’s painting and layering tools and learn new techniques and technical shortcuts. Students will use a range of options for making global and local adjustments to images, such as color correction, creating black-and-white images, sepia toning, and retouching, and additional tools such as filters, sharpening, and compositing.

Other topics will include; selection tools, masking, adjustment layers, layer groups, layer organization, blending modes, image transformation tools including Free Transform and Warp, Smart Objects that preserve flexibility, simple collages based on image overlays, and multi-layered creations woven from various sampled sources.

As soon you feel comfortable using the tools you’ve learned and confident enough to start experimenting and making mistakes, you can begin to work independently, creating your own photographic composites. There’s no rush. Be prepared to get frustrated, confused, baffled, and to experiment and have fun!

Accepted students must be familiar with Photoshop’s selection tools and layers panel. Examples of your current work is required prior to acceptance.

About Fran Forman

3-Day Intensive Masterclass
$950 per student (includes tax)
2 full days of class
March 11th – 13th, 2022
Postponed until further notice.

Private luxury accommodations at Gabriel’s, Provincetown Hotel for three nights.
Price includes Friday, Saturday, and a free stay Sunday night.

Gourmet catered lunch on Saturday & Sunday.
Limited availability, only available for select rooms.
Class to be held at Gabriel’s, Provincetown Hotel

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