A Beloved Holiday Market Returns in 2021

As the calendar year winds down and colder weather arrives in the outer Cape, Provincetown’s busy summer crowds are nowhere to be found, replaced by a quieter but equally as inviting atmosphere. Thanksgiving officially marks the start of the holiday season in town, with special events like the annual lighting of the Pilgrim Monument, and the merriment continues through December until the year’s end.

Another tradition that kicks off on Thanksgiving weekend and runs through New Year’s is the Holiday Market. The market is held every weekend for those five weeks, with local vendors selling art, handmade goods, holiday decorations, and much more. It is held outside at the Canteen, which abuts the water, and is only a 2-minute walk from the Provincetown Hotel. Two pop-up restaurants offering holiday snacks and toasty festive drinks add to the charming ambiance. The pandemic forced the market’s closure in 2020, so its return in 2021 will be all the more memorable.

Holiday crafts for sale

Building Community Through Song and a Return to the Stage

Provincetown is known for its tightly-knit community, where traditions new and old run deep. The Outer Cape Chorale, formed in 2002 and expanding to over 200 singers over nearly two decades, represents the town at its best. As a non-audition choir, it operates in the spirit of inclusivity, welcoming all who want to join and build community through song.

The entire group hasn’t been able to rehearse as one since March of 2020, but a smaller 20-person ensemble will be performing “Merrily Mozart” on December 10th and 11th, 2021. Featuring a Mozart mass, as well as classic holiday tunes, it will be an uplifting return to the stage at Provincetown Town Hall after a year-plus of no performances.

Wrapping Up the Year in Celebratory Fashion

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is known as First Light, and it’s a lively time in Provincetown, with plenty of activities to fill the calendar during your visit. One of the more quirky events is the Light Bright Bike Ride, where the community gathers to decorate their bikes and ride through town. And at places like Tin Pan Alley and the Art House, you can find live music and cocktail parties on most evenings. The celebration culminates with the First Light fireworks on January 1st at the Macmillan Pier, where the bright display fills the sky, reflects off the water, and ushers in the promise of a new year.

Sunset over snow covered beach

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