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The Environment

Provincetown green hotelWhat matters more than offering our guests a great experience at the Provincetown Hotel? We believe it is how we use our free time and income to consider the planet, namely through supporting environmental and animal welfare organizations with both our time and financial contribution.

Elizabeth Gabriel has been a volunteer for Wild Care Cape Cod for over twenty years, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center for the lower Cape. Elizabeth also formed and serves on the board of the Provincetown Animal Welfare Committee.

Although it is impossible to leave no footprint, we want tread softly on our fragile environment whenever possible. At our Provincetown green hotel, we believe it is not just a decision, it is our moral responsibility.

Our Commitment

Here are just a few samples of what we do.
We welcome more suggestions from you!

  • Host educational workshops on wildlife tracking and birding each year
  • Keep our bird feeders filled especially in the winter months!
  • Recycle our Christmas tree into the woods to become a habitat for wildlife
  • Recycle glass, paper, cardboard, metals and cans (Dump trips are a favorite errand for Elizabeth)
  • Purchase locally whenever possible
  • Purchase green energy through Viridian
  • Offer bath amenities by William Roam. American made, not tested on animals, packaged with recycled paper
  • Use Leo’s Soap for our endless laundry. Leo’s Soap is locally made with all natural ingredients
  • Use recycle bags when shopping
  • Don’t ditch but donate clothing and household items to local non profits
  • Don’t serve plastic straws that never biodegrade
  • Install water saving shower and faucet heads

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